SGH MinEx is a single window service provider in ‘Mineral Exploration and Mining engineering’ backed by a number of domain experts, and companies who work in conjugation, as and when required. Our state of art technical services ranges from evaluation through exploration, feasibility, mine planning, and production to progressive and final mine closure of all mineral-related mining projects.

The team carries over two decades of wide ranging professional experience in metalliferous and non-metalliferous minerals in Mining and Geology associated to national and international (Africa and Europe) Mining and Mineral Exploration projects.

Our team specializes in surface and underground mines and commodities from base metals to gold, iron ore to Industrial mineral, and coal to diamonds, using a combination of technical tools to secure return on investment.

Mineral Exploration

  • Detailed geologic studies and modelling
  • Drilling management, data synthesis and Interpretation
  • Review and interpretation of reports and existing data
  • Independent geologist reports
  • Mineral Resource Estimation

Project Acquisition

  • Audit and review of projects, resources and reserves
  • Complete due diligence services
  • Data and information collection and evaluation
  • Contract formulation, deal structuring, and negotiation

Financing Support

  • Technical representation of projects
  • Referrals to potential investors
  • Joint-venture partner searches

Development Studies

  • Scoping, pre-feasibility, and feasibility study

Environmental Monitoring

  • Ambient & Indoor air Quality Monitoring
  • Ambient & Source Noise Monitoring
  • Groundwater, surface and waste water Monitoring
  • Soil monitoring
  • Stack Emission Monitoring
  • Fugitive Emission Monitoring
  • Work Zone Monitoring

Environmental Compliance

  • Compliance for Environmental Clearance (to be issued by MoEF, SEIAA, DEIAA)
  • Compliance to consent (to be issued by State Pollution Control board)
  • Compliance to NOC (to be issued by Central Ground Water Authority)

Environmental Clearance

  • Representation for Environmental Clearance from MoEF, SEIAA, DEIAA
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Base Line Data Collection & Survey
  • Socio-economic Survey
  • Risk assessment & Disaster Management Studies